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Notes from Principal Wedding Planner Jessica on Team Everitt's Practices.


Your vendors make up the A-team for your big day.

The vendors selected form the A-team for any particular wedding. They need to have a say in the programme and are able to provide valuable feedback with regards to the timings of certain activities, their set-up durations and their service hours early on before the finalisation of the wedding itinerary. It is also important to know in detail which vendors require carpool, meals, parking and loading bay access.


The right people to oversee concurrent wedding day activities.

There are many weddings with several concurrent activities across different locations or event spaces. It is one of the major reasons why a professional wedding day coordination team is recommended. Family members and the bridal party should be close to the bridal couple, leaving concurrent activities, some of which involve set-up and vendors, to be coordinated by a team that can manage activities at 2 or more locations at any given time. 


AV management can make or break a celebration.

Most wedding venues do not provide a playing device for audio music and screen visuals. A person designated by the bridal couple is required to set up the playing device and be in charge of controlling this device at all times. This is also required during the rehearsal. A good AV coordinator will oversee the smooth playing of background music (fade in, fill silence, fade out), key audio songs, slides, videos, and work with the venue on items such as rostrum, mics, screens and lighting.


Take care of the couple's wedding display items.

For most weddings, the bridal couple would like to display some of their personal items for guests to view such as canvases, photos, albums and memorabilia. There should be a designated person in charge of putting up the display items based on the couple's preferences, as well as packing the items properly and returning them to the couple at the end of the celebration.


Have a round of checks for every table before opening the dining area.

Check on things such as the table numbers according to the floor plan and their facing, the number of adult and children seats and table settings, menu cards and place cards, and overall cleanliness, neatness and standardisation.


Prompting of emcees is a must for synchronisation.

Be it professional emcees or having friends of the bridal couple as emcees for a wedding celebration, emcees need to be prompted. This is so that they are synchronised with the banquet/ops team, the coordination team and certain vendors so as not to make any premature or incorrect announcements. A final brief and sound check on the wedding day are required to ensure that the emcees are well-prepared.


Rehearsals are vital to smooth wedding day coordination.

Rehearsal for a wedding celebration is usually held 1-2 weeks before the wedding. It is 1-hour long and a good chance to test all AV arrangements including lighting, practise march-ins and positions, and run through the emcee script if any.


Make the registration process a positive guest experience.

When guests arrive at a wedding celebration, the first guest experience is usually at the registration. For the registration process to be a comfortable one for guests, it should be efficient and effective using laptops/devices with real-time synced guest lists, accurate floor plans, guidance for gifts and carpark coupons, etc. It is also important to know how to welcome and guide latecomers without causing any disruption to the celebration.


Have a photo-taking advance party that is timely and capable.

When it comes to formal photo-taking, it is highly recommended that guests are prepared in advance in the right group sequence and according to the photographer's preferences. Formal photo-taking coordination should also spare some thought for elderly and disabled guests, as well as "incomplete groups". It is crucial to note that it is not the photographer's duty to keep track of groups and plan the most efficient table-to-table routes. The process should be swift so that the celebration can end on time.


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