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Major Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, and there are many reasons you may want an experienced wedding planner or coordinator on your side. Here are some major reasons we would like to share with you!

Reason 1: It is your big day! Leave the planning and execution to an experienced planner

Presumption: My family, relatives and friends can help me out!

Reality: Your family, relatives and friends would love to enjoy and immerse themselves in your joyous celebration. They may offer to help you out of goodwill, but you may risk straining your relationships when placing high expectations and complex responsibilities on them.

How a wedding planner can help: Wedding planners have worked with numerous hotels and venues. It is likely your first (only) wedding, but wedding planners have been through the drill many times. You do not need to start from scratch to craft out multiple planning documents. You do not have to spend your lunch hours and weekends communicating back and forth with vendors. And you definitely do not need to run your own wedding day. Wedding planners are experts in this field. Neither you nor your guests should have to break a sweat on such a blissful occasion.

Reason 2: An extra pair of (expert) hands helps to defuse all contingencies

Presumption: I have a plan and it is going to be a smooth wedding!

Reality: Unfortunately, weddings are subjected to contingencies. You should attend to your guests and not have to excuse yourselves to resolve issues.

How a wedding planner can help: Wedding planners know how to deal with contingencies, and are aware of your preferences and priorities when dealing with such matters. They can handle all the issues that can be resolved behind the scenes throughout your big day, and only flag out the pressing ones (some of which may affect the final bill). Wedding planners are also one of the best people to answer questions from vendors, wedding helpers, and even wedding guests!

Reason 3: You need someone to manage your vendors

Presumption: Vendors have been paid so they will do their jobs well.

Reality: Paid vendors still need reminders and actual day guidance. They would prefer to have a reliable point of contact.

How a wedding planner can help: With a wealth of experience, wedding planners know how to handle vendors as industry insiders and act as quality control. They usually have their own team to guide or prompt vendors and see to it that your vendors are also well taken care of on behalf of you.

Reason 4: The event is not over till teardown is complete

Presumption: At the end of the wedding, let's drink to our heart’s content.

Reality: There is still tear down involved. Your entrusted tear down in-charge may have gotten drunk. Some of your vendors may be returning to collect their rented items. Portraits and decorative displays that belong to you still need to be cleared. The laptop at the AV station needs to be kept.

How a wedding planner can help: Essentially, wedding planners relieve you of all the possible frustrations listed above. They are sober at the end of your wedding. They will help you pack your belongings nicely and send them to your room or hand them over to your family. The only main thing you need to do is to acknowledge/settle the bill before you leave to rest or party on.

Reason 5: No panic needed, there is still time before the wedding happens.

Presumption: I can slowly plan for my wedding since I have secured the venue early.

Reality: There are a lot of nitty-gritty details involved in planning a wedding. By the time you realise just how much preparation is needed, you may not have much time left.

How a wedding planner can help: Let your wedding planner be the one to do the worrying for you. He/she will be the one pacing you and sending reminders to you. Select an experienced wedding planner who has worked with your venue before. Select one whom you trust and can connect with easily. If you have questions, if you are panicking or if you are stressed out, your wedding planner is just a call/text away.

So, here are just 5 major reasons. Planning a wedding can be nerve-wrecking. You will need to take care of your health. Be the Bride and Groom, not a temporary wedding organiser. Don’t be too tired or stressed out to enjoy your own wedding!

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